Happy Sunday by Socially Your Virtual Assistant, Carla

12 Simple Ways To Stay Engaged On LinkedIn

Yes, Sunday is Golden on Social Media & especially LinkedIn!

A day when your potential clients have the time to surf and learn about YOU!  

Here is what to do:

Choose 5 now and see how your overall engagement increases. Let me know in the comments how it goes.

Note: Mix it up daily!

  1. Today, I will like/comment to five (5) of my connections posts
  2. Today, I will share a few posts that I particular like and find of great value
  3. Today, I will look at ‘who you may know’ (LinkedIn suggestions) and request connections
  4. Today, I will enter a couple of my groups and add my insight to a question or article
  5. Today, I will go to my connections tab and wish someone a happy birthday or a congrats on a new position
  6. Today, I will update my status with another’s great content found on LinkedIn or another platform
  7. Today, I will respond to a couple messages (that are not deemed spam) with a thank you or no thank you
  8. Today, I will share a helpful article with your favorite group in LinkedIn
  9. Today, I will purposely seek to give honest, constructive feedback to an opinion I may not necessarily agree with
  10. Today, I will use the endorsements feature to increase my visibility by endorsing others
  11. Today, I will give a recommendation to another I have worked with or who has positively influenced me professionally
  12. Today, I will write an article that does not promote myself – but offers insight as to who I am as a person personally and professionally. Be human!

So, there you have it. Make it a daily endeavor and you will see the difference.


Hi, my name is Carla and welcome! Thanks for taking the time to read my post!

My clients depend on me! They have career goals and families to raise – I understand! Assisting to strategically market their professional brand through resume and LinkedIn profile writing is something I consider a partnership.

I’ve had the opportunity to write, re-write and optimize 100’s of resumes and LinkedIn profiles for all professional levels and industries.

Merck | USAA | Nielsen | Bancorp | United Healtcare | Aflac | Salesforce | EMC | DELL | IBM | Marriott | PJ Changs | Hilton | VMare | Roche | St. Jude | FCC

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Best Regards,
Carla Deter

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