No More Virtual – Need Office Space (Would you share?)


Note: Although below reads as asking more important is if you will share the story.

I decided to utilize this platform to tell my story (note: not easy because I am a very proud women) who can have a stubborn streak when it comes to asking or taking from anyone.

I’ve had to get past the ’embarrassment’ of this campaign that my friends and family will surely soon learn about ……for some reason it’s easier to tell the story to strangers with no personal connection in the loom.

I’ll get to the story now :)  A short three years ago I decided to venture out on my own.  A one women operation who has worn all the hats that comes with being a sole business owner (project manager, bookkeeper,  creator,  learner,  marketer, networker and more….)

Over the past three years I’ve worked for entrepreneurs, small business owners,  authors, associations and other varying industries from the East coast to the West coast, Canada and across the big pond many times over.

In the past 6 months it’s become more clear that the relationships are based on non-personal virtual agreements for contract work.  I have loved it and still do and am very grateful for the opportunities.

However, I miss the people interaction. Working for one’s self can be lonely as there is no office interaction, no having lunch with co-workers and all that comprises working in the corporate world of an office space with others.

Business for me can happen anywhere my laptop takes me. That is the beauty of being a Virtual Assistant!

But, I want more. I’ll explain below…

The reason for this campaign is I’ve located a best location office space that I desperately want to acquire. It’s located in a town where I know I can become an asset (A girl Monday – Friday, if you will) to the many local professionals as a walk-in business center. It will be a win-win for them as well as myself.

This small office space is located in a highly traveled corner with large glass windows and has a large office space at ground level.   Perfect!

I desperately want to grow my business locally; yet, remain flexible to the rest of the world. More importantly, to have an ‘office’ to go to will eliminate working from home, working from coffee shops, working from all kinds of places.

With my own office space I can be available to the many local business’ who (from my research, observation and communications) will highly appreciate my walk-in business solutions (not services).

I need help to cover the overhead to acquire this space for several months so I can focus on selling my solutions not services to the local professionals w/o worrying about the overhead.

I have great belief in the potential and with my already vast experience and success as “Socially Your Virtual Assistant” I know I can become a one-stop shop for the entire area in Virginia.

Why I started this crowdfunding:

✔  To offset the cost to rent the space for several months so I can grow within the town and earn the trust of the professionals in the area.

✔ To provide a more steady and consistent income for my son & I (working from home is not all that it seems – the interruptions can plummet a business very quickly).

✔ To continue to grow my business as a respected part of the community.

✔ To be a role model for my son that we can do anything we set our mind to do.

Before you decide to help with this endeavor – please take some time to learn about me and how far I’ve come in three years:

Please help me to not continue working from a dining room table, a couch and the oh so distracting coffee shops.

I invite you to do a couple things:

✔ Check out my LinkedIn profile

✔ Learn more about me on the personal level at my Facebook page

✔ Google my name Carla Deter or Socially Your Virtual Assistant

✔ Importantly, I hope you will find at the links above that your investment will be a worthy one. Now, I’m not saying invest as in 1,000’s of dollars or even 100’s – we all have to stay within our budget. However, I do know that every little bit will help me reach my goal and this dream can come true – with your help, of course.
Thank you so much,


Here is the link: Please share!

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