2 Things to Know About LinkedIn Groups for 2016

2 Things to Know About LinkedIn Groups for 2016

Well hello,

It’s been a while. Nice to meet you (virtually, that is) again.

Sometime ago I published an article about the 10 Largest Groups on LinkedIn (with images). To my humble surprise the post has received 7,000+ views.  Of course, we already know how valuable groups here on LinkedIn are BUT I didn’t believe for a moment so many would respond to such a post of information. So, I’ve decided to offer you groups information again. In a different manner though.

How about all of the groups available to you, your business, your network, your circles/connections?

In case you don’t already know – at your fingertips is the entire LinkedIn groups directory. Yes, a directory. This may be ‘old news’ to some of you but I also know many of you utilize the search bar only with furry.  Searching and searching for groups related to a specific industry, network, location or even right down to the nitty-gritty of an exact product and/or service.

Nothing wrong with that method. More so, implementing advanced Boolean logic you’ll find just what you need.

However, LinkedIn has already did most of that work for you. All nice and concise and wrapped in a categorized directory. Here are the categories (just for you!):

1) Groups Directory

Browse by name from A-Z            1.A 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.E 6.F 7.G 8.H 9.I 10.J 11.K 12. L 13.M 14.N 15.O 16.P 17.Q 18.R 19.S 20.T 21.U 22.V 23.W 24.X 25.Y 26.Z

Featured Groups (as of 1.27.16) The short list.

Check Out The Remainder of Currently Featured Groups At The Source: ►https://www.linkedin.com/directory/groups/

Major changes have occurred within LinkedIn groups and updated as recently as January 2016.

MAJOR! Although many of us in the promotions industry have felt the pain of the removal of the feature “promotions” tab we are determined to find ways around it. Learning our boundaries and feature limitations is the best start. Here are the features that have been changed or added (just for you!):

2) Changes to Groups Features

  •  Standard and Unlisted Groups
  • All Groups Are Now Private Groups
  • All Groups Are Now Members-Only Groups
  • Content Moderation
  • Better Content Filtering
  • Removal of Promotions Tab
  • Removal of Subgroups
  • LinkedIn Groups iOS Mobile App
  • Posting Images in Conversations
  • Member Approval in Standard Groups
  • Mentions in Group Conversations
  • Groups Highlights and Email Digests

Read in-depth the changes for each of the topics above at it’s source: ►https://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/61173/

For the Beginner: To learn more about Getting Started with Groups visit: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8349020/profile

Carla is the Founder of LinkedIn Profile Services Professional (launching in March 2016) and Socially Your Virtual Assistant/Consultant business located in the Washington, DC area. Her ‘solutions not services’ include supporting small business owners, entrepreneurs, associations, attorneys, realtors, busy executives and more with a specialty of social media marketing and LinkedIn for business. She recently was quoted by The Consultant Network based in London, England about 10 Ways You Can Get More from Your LinkedIn profile. Carla is a LinkedIn Profile Writer, LinkedIn Company Page Writer, Resume Writer and LinkedIn Promotions and Consultant and Huffington Post blogger. She can be found on LinkedIn at: http://www.linkedin.com/in/carladeter/ and Twitter: @fxvacarladas well as contacted at socialinfairfaxva@yahoo.com

Stay tuned as we build upon our experience and knowledge to create a LinkedIn profile that gets you noticed as well as company pages, resumes and consultation services.www.linkedinprofileservices.net (under construction)

Realtor’s: Is Blogging in your marketing toolbox? It’s a must!

Blogging Toolbox

“Blogging for Real Estate adds a personal element that 140 characters on Twitter can’t. Researched and content curated by: Socially Your Virtual Assistant, Carla Email me today for blogging content management and promotion. socialinfairfaxva@yahoo.com”

Approaching LinkedIn without the Deer in the Headlights Look

How do you start your day when you fire up LinkedIn for social connecting?Know what you plan to accomplish in the time you have on LinkedIn. Let’s say you have only a half hour to make a presence on LinkedIn today. You know as I do if you don’t have a plan you will end up here, there and everywhere and the next thing you know the time has gone by with nothing more than reading a lot of post headlines and articles with no real social connecting. Hey, reading is key BUT so is responding to the content.Have a plan and work your planA short checklist to plan your precious time while o

Source: www.linkedin.com

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Carla Deter, Socially Your Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager

Digital Dining: 10 Social Media Platforms Restaurants Are Using To Drive ROI

 Why Your Restaurant Business Should Be Using Social Media

Scenerio #1 You own a newly formed restaurant in a prime location within your city.  The locals are coming in to dine once a week; however, you want to expand your dining cuisine to the numerous conventions, conferences and business trips made to your area.  Go social.

Scenerio #2 Your current customers rave to you about the excellent service, the deliciously prepared food and the atmosphere. Ask your customers to write a review (virtually).

Scenerio # 3   Spring has sprung and you recently renovated to include an outdoor dining experience. Announce it.

Scenerio #4 You offer specialty dishes that will attract a specific targeted group.  Be seen as a restaurant with specialty dishes.

Digital Dining and Your Restaurant Success

At Digital Dining we love helping Restaurants. We want them to be able keep up with the latest and greatest best practices to help their businesses grow. Most restaurant owners know they need to be using Social Media but don’t know where to start with all the different websites. We created this infographic to help share some ideas on how some restaurants are using different social media platforms. You’ll see 10 different ways to use social media and what platforms we’ve seen restaurants using. For example, if you’d like to promote and show off your new menu items, you may be used to using Facebook but did you know that Instagram and Pinterest are perfect platforms for this as well? As you take a look at the graphic we hope it may give you some other ideas on things you may be able to try in your restaurant. What are some other ways you use social media to promote your restaurant? What has worked or hasn’t worked for you?



Infographic courtesy of Digital Dining

Making the most of your social media presence

Social media is one of today’s growing platforms where businesses build social relationships with customers, prospects and fans. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube are among the most popular social networking platforms that enable you to share the story of your business, coming events and your restaurant’s services including your latest offers. Since these sites have the most number of users, making the most of your presence by posting and sharing your current menu as well as your best-sellers with their millions of users is definitely worth the time and effort.

The best thing about these social media channels is that they always offer innovative ways for businesses to interact and listen to customers’ feedback and concerns. In other words, it is the perfect medium for engaging customers and your online audience. Make sure your website integrates with these social networking platforms.

Did you know there is a Restaurant Social Media Index ?

The Restaurant Social Media Index is designed to provide learning that will help restaurants become more robust and effective in their use of social media, digital content and brand development.

 What are some other ways you use social media to promote your restaurant? What has worked or hasn’t worked for you? Do you believe infographics are useful for restaurant-preneurs?

Providing Online Solutions to Restaurants, Realtors, All Small Business, Independents and more.  Contact me at: socialinfairfaxva@yahoo.com

Providing Online Solutions to Restaurants, Realtors, All Small Business, Independents and more. Contact me at: socialinfairfaxva@yahoo.com

Carla Deter

Carla is an experienced Administrative Assistant with a background in Communications. As a Virtual Assistant she is determined to build her own Social Virtual Assistant business. Here are a few more things ‘about me.’

Hello, I am Carla and I have a firm belief that it is not knowing everything there is to know it is “knowing where to find the answers.” I thouroughly enjoy research, taking on challenges that require me to work tirelessly to find those answers. No hand holding needed- I have great initiative.

Media relationship building to bring customers to your business, product or service takes a great deal of time and detailed strategic work. Do you really have that kind of time? I understand you need to be meeting with clients, managing your staff and/or managing your own work. Tending to the administrative tasks that is involved with managing your online social networks can be daunting – but an important one for your business exposure. ***We can start big or small, by the month or by the project. There are millions of people out there to be found that will purchase your product or service. Let’s reach them together through SOCIAL.

ONLINE PRess Release Featured Image

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5 Steps To Use LinkedIn Groups in Your Content Marketing Strategy

There are pros and cons of posting in LinkedIn groups, but it can be a sound strategy. Get 5 steps for using LinkedIn groups in your content marketing strategy.

Source: contentmarketinginstitute.com

Great tips within. The spreadsheet (as shown) is key! Without organization and tracking of your posting you could by innocent mistaken be spammy. Need help promoting your next event? Let’s start first by defining where your prospective attendees hang out.

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